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More Than Enything Else Belonging Is About Acceptance Essay

One can achieve a sense of belonging if they are accepted for themselves. Disconnection can occur if someone feels they are not accepted. In ‘strictly ballroom’, directed by Baz Luhrmann and ‘Missing her’, Directed by Michael Weisler both acceptance and detachment are evident. Cultural divide and courage are themes that will be explored the will show belonging and acceptance.

Prescribed Text Strictly Ballroom is about being accepted in the ballroom world and being accepted as a ballroom dancer. In the opening sequence the first thing that grabs a viewers attention is the costumes the glitter and sequined dancers, suggesting that this makes the dancer feel part of the ballroom world and is unique to the ballroom world this would lead to leaving out anyone who does dance or look like a ballroom dancer this links back to being accepted and belonging to something.

There is a strong contrast between this glamorous world of ballroom dancing and Fran, Fran first had to take her first step of courage by making Scot dance with her as her confidence grew so did her passion for dancing making her outperform the other dancers. ‘Missing her’ is also represented as a perspective of belonging and being accepted in this case being accepted as a mother. This simple yet powerful film links to belonging and being accepted in a strong sense. This short film explores how a young boy from Thailand is disconnected from his home and his family.

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