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Morality and Crime Essay

Argument 1 : Morality itself causes crime Detail 1 : Low morals Detail 2 : Lack of parental guidance and supervision Detail 3 : The lack of religious education Argument 2 : Morality is the basis of all human actions Detail 1 : Good foundations of morality Detail 2 : Nations with low crime rates Detail 3 : Morality influences human emotions and instincts. Argument 3 : Morality creates awareness to the effects of crime Detail 1 : Awareness prevents crime Detail 2 : Awareness promotes security Detail 3 : Awareness becomes a way of life.

Concession : Some crimes are not morally motivated Detail 1 : Crimes that are caused by mental illnesses Detail 2 : Crimes of passion (spur of the moment) Detail 3 : Crimes by impulses or reaction (uncontrollable action) Refutation : Low level of crimes that are not morally motivated Detail 1 : Major crimes are morally motivated Detail 2 : Sickness can be controlled but morality issues cannot be suppressed Detail 3 : Moral values can help people make better choices Conclusion : In conclusion, it can be seen that low morals causes crime to occur.

So how can crime be the problem? The root of all crime is the low levels of moral values in a person and the choices they make. Therefore the only way to reduce the level of crime in the society is by revamping the morals of the society. This shows that morality is the true and actual problem to the society. Thus, if all the parties work together to increase the level of morality then crime would no longer appear as a problem and further crimes can be prevented. Crime cannot be eradicated totally but it can be lessened to a certain level.

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