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Monkey Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Social Behavior of the Silvered Leaf Monkey

Adult Silvered Leaf Monkey (Trachyphitecus sp. ) can be distinguished by having silver-tip fur, with dark-skinned face, a feature which is entirely different from the infants. Infants can be seen as a starling bright orange. However, in Sabah (Malaysian Borneo) reddish adults also occur. Species Range Species of Silvered Leaf Monkeys can be found ranging from Indochina, Southern Burma, Southern Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia to Sumatra, Java, and Borneo. Group Size Species of Silvered Leaf Monkey are usually found in groups up to about ten. The average group size of Javan Langur is around seven individuals (V. Nijman, unpubl. data; cited in Nijman and van Balen, 1998). Based on Kool (1991) found that groups ranged in size from 6-21 individuals with…

Which Came First Monkey or Man

There’s something to be said about a woman who can play a monkey for almost 90 minutes, props are always given to those that embody a character for an entire play, but what can be said about those whom embody a different species? That is something that cannot be done easily. But that isn’t what needs to be talked about. Yes the acting is fantastic; Kathryn Hunter does an incredible imitation of a man who was once a monkey in his past life. So not only is this actress playing a different species is a different gender as well. The play has a very good topic of beginning one way. Through the play you begin to notice that the half…