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Moksha Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Benefits of Yoga

In chapter 15, The Cauliflower Robbery, Yogananda has harvested 6 cauliflowers that he is proud to share with Sri Yukteswar. As the disciples are called out to go march, Sri Yukteswar questions Yogananda about whether he locked the door to the Ashram or not. Yogananda carelessly replies that he “thinks so.” In teaching a lesson, Sri Yukteswar relates thoughts with a peasant and has him steal one of Yogananda’s cauliflowers. Much like the way a radio operates, Sri Yukteswar’s thoughts vibrate in radio waves and he receives signals from other people then carries their thoughts out. A couple days later Yogananda’s lamp had been missing so he assumed the master would know where it is. The master read Yogananda’s thoughts…