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Mogen Inc. Essay


In 2006, Merrill Lynch become the lead book runner for a $5 billion convertible bond issue for MoGen, Inc., which was the single-largest convertible bond issuance in history. Merrill Lynch’s Equity Derivatives Group needed to convince MoGen’s management of the best coupon rate and conversion premium for MoGen and the potential investors in the issue.


MoGen, Inc was one of the leading company in the biotechnology industry. MoGen (Molecular Genetics) emerged with two of the first biologically derrived human therapeutic drugs that helped to offset the damaging effects from chemotherapy for cancer patients undergoing treatment. This products were the first “blockbuster” drugs to emerge from the nascent biotechnology industry.


1.Strength :

•Leading company in biotechnology industry.
•Succesfully treating the patient as well as making the company competitive leader in drug quality.
•Credit rating A+

2.Opportunity :

•Tren gaya hidup masyarakat yang mulai mementingkan kesehatan
•Munculnya berbagai gangguan kesehatan di zaman modern

3.Threat :

•Faced uncertainty of new product creation.
•Competitive threat of follow-on biologics or “biosimilar” began emerging.

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