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Module 5 Lab (5.09) Essay

Your first lab link can be found at Temper Tantrums. A written transcript is also available for this lab.
1.How can parents avoid temper tantrums?
⁃To avoid temper tantrums parents can be better prepared for the situation so when it happens they know what to do.
2.What are the A, B, Cs?
⁃A stands for the attributes you want your child to have
⁃B stands for the behavior you want to go along with those attributes.
⁃C stands for the consequence that will be given, positive or negative.
3.Do you think using consequences and following the ABC process will help shape a child’s behavior? Why or why not?
⁃Yes, I think using consequences and following the ABC process will help shape a child’s behavior because it gives the child a set of expectations you want from them and because naturally humans are born to please they are going to try their hardest to live by those expectations you have provided them. Your second lab link can be found at Developing Language Skills in Babies. A written transcript is also available for this lab.

1.What are some of the reasons why people may not talk to babies as much today as they used to?
⁃We don’t really know the exact reason why people are not talking to their babies as much some may say it is due to the busy life style we have or that everyone is isolated within the house and not together as a family in a room.

2.Why do you think developing language skills is important for a child?
⁃Developing language skills as a child is important because when children are younger it is easier for them to learn and develop and they should learn to be good communicators.
3.What are some of the ways that parents can encourage the development of language skills?
⁃One way parents can help encourage development of language skills is by giving them their undivided attention and contently talking to them because most of their learning is through imitation.

Your third lab link can be found at The Importance of Bedtime Reading. A
written transcript is also available for this lab.
1.How many parents never read to their children at bedtime according to the study? What might prevent parents from reading to children?
⁃One in ten parents never read their children bed time stories. Being busy with other things is what prevents parents from reading their children bedtime stories.
2.What are some of the benefits of reading to children? Include infancy through young school age children.
⁃Some benefits is it teaches children skills such as concentrating and listening.
3.Did your parents or other caregivers read to you as a child? What effect do you think this had on you?
⁃Yes my parents read to me when i was a child and i think the affect it had on me was it made me a better listener.

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