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Modulation Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Analog and Digital Comparison

Telecommunications is a term used to describe any type of long distance communication techniques. In the digital age, telecommunications describes the use of electronic devices that facilitate communications between people, computers, and other machines. There are several technologies used today that enable these communications and allow them to perform efficiently. The basis behind these technologies is the process of converting analog signals, or signals that can have an infinite number of values that encapsulates the data stream, to digital signals, signals that generally can only have a value of zero or one, and digital signals to analog signals. There are many different devices in use that convert the different signal types and transmit the data. Some of the devices are…

Alternative communication system during disaster

PSTN or the public switched telephone network is the prime network responsible for transmitting and receiving voice, fax and data. All government and private offices, police stations, fire stations, hospitals and majority of homes and business places are serviced by the PSTN line. . Amateur Radio operation does not use ground based infrastructure. Moreover these have limited power needs which can easily be met by batteries and generations. Therefore, it has been experienced that Amateur Radio has worked successfully when no other communication worked. A radio wave is an electromagnetic wave propagated by an antenna. The floods in 2004 in Assam and Bihar submerged telephone exchanges and damaged telephone exchanges thereby disrupting roads and railways communication. This is the reason…