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Modernization Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Discourse on Modernization

The discourse on Modernization was resisted by the Communists led by the USSR through a policy of isolation and xenophobia. The improvement of quality of life Modernization would bring was a threat to their hold on nations. Hence it was against the best interest of Communist governments that their holdings obtain genuine modernization. One major example was the Iron Curtain. Movement of people, goods and information was severely restricted along the east-west Germany border especially during the 50s and 60s. Starting with their refusal to accept Marshall plan aid after World War II, the nations falling under the Iron Curtain refused to have dealings with the west. By breaking contact with the West, they were able to limit the common…


Modernization is a process of modernizing a way of life. South Africa and China both attempted to modernize for a beneficial outcome. China was successful at modernizing and benefited greatly. South Africa resisted modernization and in the end suffered from harmful effects. South Africa and China both modernized in their own way. China attempted to modernize from the struggles that were present in the country. In China, modernization occurred later than then most countries; this allowed the Chinese to use other countries as a model. China began to focus on important industry‚Äôs that would help their country prosper. They began to advance in military, science, and technology, and established a strong economy by selling products to other nations. As a…