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Modern technology Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Contributions of Modern Technology by David Ingram

Modern technology has given small businesses an unprecedented ability to communicate with their target markets, causing a dramatic evolution in the way marketers craft advertising strategies. Unlike the shotgun-scatter technique of yesterday’s mass media outlets, new advertising channels created by cutting edge technology allow companies to target small groups and individuals with personalized advertising messages, while collecting feedback and measuring responses on the fly. Research Tools Modern technology greatly enhances advertisers’ ability to perform market research and testing when developing ads. Extensive collections of consumer data can be obtained online, and the results of feedback and opinions can be analyzed instantly with computers. Virtual focus groups can bring together people on opposite sides of the world to view and provide…

Fire Prevention and Safety using modern technology

Technology has helped us in preventing fire incidents. Fire prevention is a proactive way of minimizing the damages or harm caused by a fire incident. It is the responsibility of fire departments which mostly have a Fire Prevention Officer as their head. The function of fire prevention is to spread awareness on how to take precautions against fire. Fire fighters, on the other hand, are assigned the task of extinguishing fires. Fire fighters are also dependant on technology to extinguish fire. All the equipments they use are the consequence on technology. To sum it up, technology has helped us in preventing fire as well as extinguishing it when need be. Technology has helped us enhance our fire safety measures. Fire…