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Missing People and Others Questions Essay

“Missing People and Others: Joining Together to Expand,” Arturo Madrid Essay or Discussion Questions:

1.) Who are the “missing people” to whom Madrid refers? The missing people that Madrid is referring to are the “Hispanos”. It also refers to minorities and women of the American society. Madrid redefined the term after he moved from home and began teaching.

2.) According to Madrid, what role does language play in determining an individual’s acceptance as an American? Is assimilation possible given language barriers? According to Madrid, language really does not play a role in in an individual acceptance. He states, “The true text is not our speech, but rather our name and appearance. I feel that assimilated is very possible given language barriers. The missing people may join because they have not fully assimilated into the American and share a common language.

3.) Discuss what it means to be the other. “The Others” Being the other means feeling different, feeling excluded, closed out, precluded, even being distained and scorned. Others feel isolated disconnected and alienated.

4.) Madrid describes minority individuals entering social institutions through the back door, front door, side door, and window. Discuss what he means by this and describe the institutional relations that often result Madrid says there are many was that the “others” enter into institutions, through the front door, back door, side door, or window. Whichever was they enter they are enclosed or trapped and faced with the same problems no matter which way they came in. They are still placed in the same category. Institutions have since then been adversarial, infused, with specific and generalized tension because minorities’ have enter institutions more activity and even aggressively

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