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Minority languages Essay

The world has very many languages that are considered as minor. These are well spread through the lands and they are threatened towards extinction. Various policies have been put forward by different countries to help preserve these unique dialects and one of the ways is by use of education scholarships given to people of these languages to encourage the to advance. As they advance, their languages get known in various places. Broadcasting stations that air programs in these languages have also been set up. Many more people can as a result hear them and adopt their ways.

The culture of these minority groups can be used as a platform of preserving the dialects. Various campaigns have been set up to help market the culture of these people so that they remain dominant. Some countries have also gone to an extent of declaring that the minority languages are the national languages of their countries and this is a boost towards preserving the languages. Some education curriculums have also been set up so that these languages can be used in learning institutions and this has worked to spread awareness on these minority languages.

This occurred in Sami which is an Irish dialect. Some important books like the bible have been printed in these languages and this gives security and helps to preserve the languages. The local owners of these languages are hence kept busy in their tradition and they feel comfortable and lack nothing because of the translations. The minor languages can best be preserved by making sure that the members fit in all arena of life by providing books and programs that are representative of their language. This is the only secure way. Source Tomasi, K. (2005). World History. NY: Oxford press.

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