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Minorities Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Minorities in the United States

Assimilation is defined as a process by which an individual or a group acquires the attitudes and sentiments of other individuals or groups and then incorporates their history and experience to achieve a similar cultural life (Park & Burgess, 1921). Early American ancestors who were against assimilation in the country foresaw that immigrants to the country would throw away their cultural identities and the next generations would not retain those cultural identities. It was debated that assimilation could result to a similar nature of national identity in which immigrants could achieve both social and economic benefits by integrating themselves into the mainstream of the American culture (Barvosa-Carter). Immigrants are required to take an identity of an Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, white and…

Minorities at War

Many people‚Äôs lives changed in various ways during and after the World War II. The lives of women and minorities such as African Americans and Native Americans, changed drastically mostly in a positive way. Just like during most wars, women found jobs and opportunities. This was mainly because men and husbands went to work in industries and factories in different parts of the country while others went to war as soldiers. With reduction in the male taskforce, young girls and married women had to take up responsibilities and jobs that were traditionally considered to be for men (Mays 17). Unlike the First World War, where women served as secretaries and nurses, in the Second World War they were placed in…

Cultural Barriers When Negotiating with Women and Minorities

A hostage negotiation occurs when a criminal uses innocent people as bargaining chips. The scenarios for these circumstances vary from a desperate mother perhaps who in fear may barricade herself with her own child to a bank robber who utilizes the people around to assist in his getaway. In addition, a more publicized type of hostage situation would be the terrorist type situations where a completely new set of rules must be utilized to deal with these type incidents. For example, a mother may be desperate and reacting in fear. Most likely this type of person the mind set is not that of a criminal and she has no real intentions of hurting anyone but for the most part is…