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Minogue Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Louis Tomlinson

Appearance Louis has light brown hair that is usually messy, he has sea green eyes and has an amazing smile. He usually wears blue and white striped tee with with red pants and suspenders or “braces” which have become his trademark. He love carrots and that is another one of his trademarks. Personality He is known as the funny one in One Direction, he loves to make his band mates smile and he constantly messes about. Louisprofile Nicknames Boo Bear Lou Vital Statistics Gender Male Birth 24.12.1991 Family Johanna (mum) and Mark (dad) Tomlinson Status Turning 21 this year (he’s the oldest out of the boys) Eye Colour Sea Green Hair Colour Light Brown/Dirty Blonde Height 5’9″ Other Affiliation One…