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Minerals Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Fossil Fuels and Minerals

Fossil fuels are basically hydrocarbons that are found within the uppermost of the crust of the Earth. These fuels can come in different types which include volatile materials or substances with little carbon to hydrogen ratio such as liquid petroleum and methane as well as other non volatile substance or materials that are composed of nearly pure carbon such as anthracite coal, among others (Britannica Encyclopedia, 2008). Volatile materials such as methane are sourced from fields of hydrocarbon and it can either be coupled with oil, as a methane clathrate or in singular form. The most widely accepted theory of the origin of fossil fuels is that they were formed from the fossil remains of dead animals and plants by…

Minerals and How We Use Them

Elements combine together to form different minerals and minerals combine to form rocks. There are 92 naturally occurring elements and with exception of a few inert elements like Gold, Platinum etc. , they combine together to form as many as 4000 minerals. Out of this large number of minerals only about two dozens are common (constitutes ~ 99% of Earth crust) and these are composed of about a dozen elements. These rock forming elements can be classified in five groups – silicates, carbonates, oxides and sulfates. In following sections we will briefly describe these minerals, their formation and usage. Silicates: Silicon is the 2nd most abundant element next to oxygen on the Earth crust. It combines with oxygen to form…