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Migrant Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Policy Issues on Migrant Women Workers in Canada

The proposal will be about the migrant women who journeys in another country in the hope of earning more money. Most migrant women came from Asia which goes in other parts of the world like Europe and US. The migrant workers are assigned in less professional fields wherein most citizens of the country do not want to fulfill. Setting of the Study The study will be the policies involved in the migrant workers situated in Canada. There is a high number of migrant workers needed in the country which is pointed to the economic growth and expansion. The study will involve the policies that Canada uses for its migrant workers. Issues that surrounds the study The issues that are involved…

A critical response on temporary migrant labor in Mexico and Canada

The article ‘From fields of power to fields of sweat: the dual process of constructing temporary migrant labor in Mexico and Canada’ by Leigh Binford is a 2009 publication in the Third World Quarterly Journal, volume 30 issue number 3. In this article, Binford (2009) discusses the establishment of a contractual form of labor between Mexico and Canada where forces from both the supplier and the employer of labor services shape the contract. In specific, the author of this article focuses on the supply of temporary labor from Mexico to the Canadian horticultural farms under the Seasonal Agricultural workers Program (SAWP). Binford (2009) looks into a reemerging contractual form of employment despite being declared inexistent and costly due to migratory…