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Middle School Essay

So I am not really ready for middle school and btw my name is Aniah Stitt and I am leaving the 5th grade from Reedy Creek Elementary. I am really scared because I was supposed to go to a school called Northridge Middle and that is a really bad school! People say they have bad kids and that is true but every school has bad kids and all of my friends are going there and I have no friends from my school going to my new school(well my friend Sharifa, Mackenzie, and this boy named Justin)and its really hard.

The thing is I have friends in the 7th, and 8th but I won’t be with them. I know what I am wearing but I don’t have my whole day planed out and do we have to wear book bags and btw we don’t get lockers till 8th grade and it has to be a privilege! And I forgot to tell you I am going to Randolph Middle and it will be so hard because it’s an IB school and I decided to write about my junior high life. Welcome!!!!! and it will be a long year I can already tell. Ok, first things first I am in Ms. Pfahler’s Homeroom and my math teacher is Mr. Dunn and Science and Social Studies is Mrs. Mitchell.

People say I have the good teachers because I am in the building but I say I also have the boring ones, but I officially don’t know yet, so I guess I have to wait and find out. My school starts at ……. And ends at …….! We also have to do community service for 10 hrs! but I did 36 because of operation charlotte at Hickory Grove Baptist Church (HGBC) and I like basically do everything there and they have a school that I wanted to go to HGCBS (hickory grove baptist) well get comfortable for a year of sixth grade at Randolph Middle!

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