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Microsoft Excel Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Fat Chance

Introduction to the use of computer-based statistical software packages and applications in the analysis and interpretation of the data. Topics include both descriptive statistics and inference methods. Software packages include EXCEL, Minitab, SAS and R. Prerequisite: MATH1107 OR MATH3332 OR ECON2300 OR STAT3125. (Kennesaw State University Undergraduate Catalog). Required Text All reading material is available free on our D2L website in the Resources folder. The manuals are the Basic Concepts Manual, Excel Manual, SPSS Manual, Minitab Manual, SAS Manual and R Manual. We will also be using the Supplemental Text written by Dr. Daniel Yanosky. It will be advantageous to use a flash drive in this class. It is not required, but highly advised to use one. 1 Learning Outcomes…

Calculate the revised product costs for the four pens

1.Calculate the revised product costs for the four pens, based on the activity information collected by Assignment: This case may be completed in groups of two or individually. You are responsible for finding a partner if you choose to complete the case with another student. Purchase and read the Harvard Business School Case: Classic Pen Company: Developing an ABC Model located at the following link: (Note: The last case for the course, Foxy Originals is also contained in this course pack and should also be purchased for your final case). After reading the case, perform the following: 1.Calculate the revised product costs for the four pens, based on the activity information collected by Dempsey. Prepare this analysis using an…


Problems Chapter 4 Problem 4-26 Moravia Company processes and packages cream cheese. The following data have been compiled for the month of April. Conversion activity occurs uniformly throughout the production process. 1) Analysis of physical flow of units. 2) Calculation of equivalent units. 3) Computation of unit costs. 4) Analysis of total costs. 5) Build a Spreadsheet: Construct an Excel spreadsheet to solve all of the preceding requirements. Show how the solution will change if the following data change: the April 1 work in process costs were $27,000 for direct material and $5,000 for conversion. 1.| |   Physical Units| | Work in process, April 1| 10,000| | Units started during April| 100,000| | Total units to account for| 110,000| |…