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Michigan Essay Topics & Paper Examples

South Florida from Michigan

John and Jenny Grogan, a newlywed couple who move to South Florida from Michigan, work in the newspaper business, John is a reporter and Jenny is a freelance feature writer. At the advice of John’s friend Sebastian, who claims that adopting a dog will pause Jenny’s biological clock, John and Jenny adopt an adorable yellow Labrador puppy that is touted by the breeder as being on sale. Jenny affectionately calls the puppy Clearance Puppy, but is ultimately named Marley. A rambunctious dog, the Grogans take Marley to a trainer, only to discover that even the trainer cannot control Marley. When the couple tries to start a family, Marley gets older, and is still chewing on furniture, stealing food, and will…

Loess Sheet in NW Michigan

Soils of NW Michigan region have formed primarily in transported sediments such as glacial drift, loess, dune sand, and alluvium. Landforms associated with glacial melt water, such as outwash plains, eskers, and kames, are extremely commonplace in Michigan. Broad outwash plains, often containing abundant sand and gravel resources, dominate many Great Lakes’ landscapes, especially in the northern parts of the region. In the north, they are frequently covered by a blanket of loess, rendering the character of the soils on them silty rather than sandy (Garland 1955). Why is loess sheet located in NW Michigan? Extensive loess sheet in NW Michigan illustrates river outwash processes. The main sources of loess sheet in NW Michigan are bare outwash deposits, till sheets,…

“The US Economic Boom of the 1920’s was primary due to the Motor Manufacturing Industry.” How far do you agree with this statement?

Post the First World War the US experienced a massive economic boom. Being the only power, after the war, with a stable economy, Government and infrastructure, people saw the US as an investment. However, the economic boon was not only due to the First World War. The motor industry experienced rapid development, alongside the economy, in the 1920’s to keep up with the demand of the changing American population. But to what extent was the motor industry responsible for the economic boom? A critical factor in the motor manufacturing industry was the vast number of vehicles which were manufactured and sold, with the Ford Motor Company being the catalyst for this. Henry Ford Established the Ford Motor Company in the…