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Michelangelo Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Michelangelo and Jan Vermeer

In the world of art, many have emerged as talented artisans. They have conveyed their creativity as well as individuality through their masterpieces. Throughout history, the names of Michelangelo and Jan Vermeer have been constantly referred to as one of the greatest and most influential painters in the world. Their contribution in the field of art were immense that have inspired several other artists to hone their skills and make their own works of geniuses. More so, they have left a lasting legacy that will be forever be treasured by the people. In this essay, one pertinent work from Michelangelo and Jan Vermeer will be discussed and analyzed. Michelangelo’s’ Creation of Man and Jan Vermeer’s Woman Holding a Balance are…

The Last Judgment

The painting of “The Last Judgment” by Michelangelo was a fresco which was executed between 1537 and 1541 at the behest of Pope Julius II who commissioned Michelangelo to perform the task. This scene is based on the passage in the Bible on what would happen when Christ would come again. Both the living and the dead, who would be raised then, will be judged by Christ and their fates would be determined if they are going to heaven or hell. The artwork was done on freshly spread lime plaster that was still moist with water-based pigments. Michelangelo’s palette developed highly embellished monochromatic work and the symmetry of his figures made it appear broader and more threatening, if not intimidating…

Leonardo, Michelangelo and Titian

His statement argues that the latest and unfinished works of the artist should be reassessed with more appreciation than the works completed during his mature period, as they enable the viewer to understand the trace of the under painting and the original intention of the artist, not necessarily because of the virtue of incompleteness and ultimo that they spellbound the viewer. Pliny the Elder’s statement seems to be valid explaining artists’ old-age style, especially for the ones who had a long career like Michelangelo and Titian. The old-age style is not necessarily limited to the aesthetic style, which the artists from the same period perhaps shared in common, but it also refers to the latest phase of the artistic career…