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Michael Faraday Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday is a science hero, who made remarkable contribution to the field of electrical engineering as a result of his studies on the direct current and electromagnetic fields. Michael Faraday is a British physicist and chemist who made major discoveries of electromagnetic induction in addition to the laws of electrolysis. Even though electromagnetic filed are everywhere in the environment they are invisible to the naked eye. The biggest invention made by Michael Faraday was the invention of the electric motor. This paper through qualitative analysis of published work and legitimate website sources is going to look at the contributions of Michael faraday to the field of electrical engineering. Introduction Direct current can be described as the continuous flow of…

Pride and Prejudice: Women and Social class in the Regency Era

Women were not considered to be equal to men. Women were regarded as being more fragile, mentally and physically, than men, and in need of care and protection. Wives were expected to defer to their husbands. Women laboured under certain legal disadvantages. When a woman married, for instance, any property she owned or any moeny she earned or ineherited automatically belonged to her husband. A husband could divorce his wife for adultery (though even for a man,divorce was difficult to come by, and carried a strong social stigma) but a woman could not divorce her husband even if he was cruel, deserted her etc. It ws possible to obtain a legal seperation, but that ws very difficult to come by….