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Metro Essay Topics & Paper Examples

“Mental Cases” by Wilfred Owen

The poem “Disabled” is taken from Wilfred Owen’s collection of poetry referred to as Trench Poet. It was written in 1917 and tells the story of a soldier who lost his limbs in battle leaving him utterly helpless. It aims to crush the glorified image of war present in the minds of the public. The messages and content present in the poem heavily resemble that of other poems from the collection such as; “The Send-Off”, which also uses contrast to show that there is little pride to be found in war. In “The Send-Off” men are riding away to an unknown place on a train. Contrast can be found in line three when it says “and lined the train with…

Rc Cola Marketing Plan

I. Executive Summary The 2013 Marketing Plan of Adobo Connection chain of restaurants outlines an approach in sales promotion as a newly established restaurant in Metro Manila and to sustain in the preceding years of business. Since the establishment couldn’t afford a commercial advertisement, we believe that providing leaflets and other kinds of cheaper advertisement as our sales promotion. To sustain in the preceding years, a product diversification for a new target market is our proposal. The sales target are roughly around P 500, 000, 000 for next year or a 5% projected increase in sales. 1 II. Company Background A. Company History Established by a Harvard Business School graduate, Mr. Jerome Uy, Adobo Connection is a chain of restaurants…