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Meteorologist: What do they do? Essay

Meteorologists are very involved in the world today. You might see them on T.V or hear their voice on the radio. Wherever they are they help you in many ways.

The word “meteorology” refers to the Greek word meteoron. Meteoron refers to an astronomical phenomenon. The science of meteorology was eventually referred to the study of the atmosphere.

Meteorology is the study of the atmosphere. Meteorologists, also known as atmospheric scientists, study the atmosphere’s physical characteristics, motions, processes, and the way it effects the rest of our environment.

High school students interested in meteorology should take as many classes as possible in mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanical drawing, and physical science. A bachelor’s degree in meteorology is the minimum job requirement. A master’s degree is necessary for most positions and a Ph.D. is required for most research positions. Most colleges and universities have meteorological programs. You must be good at reading comprehension, critical thinking, active learning, writing, and mathematics. Meteorology includes instruction in atmospheric chemistry, physics, weather dynamics, climatology and climate change, weather simulation, forecasting, climate modeling, mathematical theory, and the studies of clouds.

After four or more years of sweating through exams, and slaving into the wee hours of the morning to complete term papers it’s time for your next challenge- getting a job. One of the best places to start is by asking questions to recent graduates who have found jobs. After asking questions you should attend seminars and workshops that your school may have on resume writing and interviewing. The federal government employs more than four-tenths of all meteorologists, therefore they are the largest employer. The second largest employer is the National Weather Service and the third is the Department of Defense and Armed Forces. Others work for stations and companies.

Financially, meteorologists have a good outlook. Meteorologists who work for┬áthe National government with a bachelor’s degree in meteorology make around $19,500 to $24,200 a year. A master’s degree earns about $24,200 to $29,600 a year and a Ph.D. earns about $35,800 to $42,900. Most experienced meteorologists make around $46,000 a year.

Meteorologists work very hard to be what they are. They go through many years of college and hard work. Meteorologists are also very involved with the world today. Without them we would not know if it would rain or be sunny today.

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