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Merit Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Merit Philosophy

In the present society we value struggle and hard work that we owe. The paper “Merit: Why do we value it? ” the author, Louis Pojman, claims that in life we always get whatever we earn in life, what you deserve is what you get. But others have come with the counter argument that we cannot take advantage from our success because of our social standing or our intelligence. I agree to Pojman’s observation of things that “Good deeds must be followed by good outcomes and bad deeds by bad outcomes” (pg. 96). And also “Each act in the world has an appropriate response”. In this essay I will give details on the situations where this fits and also discuss…

Dieting Makes People Fat Essay

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DOLL? For me, my favorite doll is “stitch”. Stitch,aka experiment 626, is one mischievous alien!. Thankfully, he has Lilo around to calm him down. Maybe someday he’ll know the different between good or bad.I really love him . Lilo & Stitch is a 2002 American animated science fiction/family film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released on June 21, 2002. Kullasatree 010 3EN WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DRINK? I love to drink strawberry yogurt smoothie about 2-3 times per week. You have to try out this quick and easy recipe for a healthy and delicious strawberry smoothie.You can add some ground flax seeds and a banana for some extra nourishment and a tablespoon of raw…