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Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: Differences in Character Essay

There are a lot of books nowadays about the characters of men and women. One of them is“Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” by John Gray was a bestseller of 2012. I haven’t read this book but I’m going to share with you my thoughts about why men and women are different and why they don’t live on their “planets”. Firstly, we consider women to be sympathetic and gentle while men fearless and earnest. Women are more likely to take care of children. They give a birth to a child and are always do the best for them.

They sympathize with people who hardly keep their body and soul together and show that they are not indifferent. Men on the contrary used to fight on the wars and kill people because of their duty. We can see more women than men in teaching professions while more men than women in works which need physical strength. Even the melody of the word “Venus” sounds gentle and sweet while the word “Mars” strict and serious. Moreover, women are more excited and communicative while men are not so emotional and reserved.

Even scientists proved that woman use in three times more words during a day than men. Women are more emotional that’s why they are ready to comment on everything what happens with them. Men in most cases use their logic to express their feelings. Women can cope with two or three informational channels while men become nerves when they have to communicate with large number of people. Finally, the men are leaders. They even can be compared with lions, women, in their turn, with lioness. Men have been the getters from the primitive times till now. T

he women’s work is to inspire and make it pleasant for men to bring catch to home. Men are hunters while women are tempters. Women are creators of cosiness while men are defenders of it. In conclusion, we can say that men and women are really from different planets because they have different level of fearlessness and sweetness. They have different emotional range and different role in society, but in spite that they came from unlike planets they cannot live there because on Mars there are no women and on Venus there are no men.

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