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Men and Women Will Never Be Equal Essay

Men and women will never be equal just like an apple and an orange, both are fruits, but have different taste. In general, men and women are physically, mentally, and emotionally different but does that really mean men and women will never be equal? The word “equal” means “the same as”. So, is a woman the same as a man?

Study shows that an average women earns a year is lower than what men would earn, men and women both play different roles in the society, both important, but are not equal, for example, women are said to have taken more days off in a year than men; due to maternity leave, but as a mother, they would need to take care of their children as well. Men on the other hand, are known to be stronger; which brings to the idea that they work more than women do. According to research, it is more likely that men are committing more crimes such as thief, murder, rape; more men are being imprisoned than women.

Women are sometimes defined as the “primary victims of war” as they lose their husbands, fathers, and brothers during war. Men and women are convinced they will never be equal, probably as early as human’s earliest days. In further logic, there are more differences between men and women than similarities. In coeducational schools, males and females tend to choose specific options that the other gender does not do, for example, fashion and engineering. Which in general, mainly only have one gender in the class.

In general, men are stronger than women; that has convinced the society with the help of each gender’s actions, men would usually appear as bold, strong, and brace while the females are usually shy, polite, and feminine. People are also persuaded that men can carry two bricks at once, while women can carry only one it is not necessarily true, but it is an instant impression that it is true. Men and women will never be equal is a fact that will not really ever change; that doesn’t mean they aren’t the same just not equal. It is a good thing that in this society, although men and women will never be equal, we still get along.

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