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Memorandum for new model to FQHC Service Plan Essay

It is to propose a new service channel to the existing service model of FQHC which is currently doing community development activities in the nation. Recently we found that the local community does not have any drug rehabilitation center even though most of the men and women wanted to change their lifestyle. The alcohol consumption rate in adults is very high and is affecting the family lives and the development of the children. The income earning rate has reduced drastically during the past 3 years and work place absenteeism has increased.

Family conflicts have increased and child crime levels are also showing up due to the lack of family discipline and reduced family income levels. The adult crime rate and workplace unrest has roused to beyond normal levels and the local police control is become inadequate during some instances. So the local community elders have decided to establish an alcoholic rehabilitation centers to bring reformation in the lives of the community people.

The community elders wanted to cooperate the establishment by giving vacant land and building on lease for a period of 5 years to use them as drug de addiction centers. The community intends to have a paramedical clinic to facilitate the medical interaction to the community. Also the community requests that awareness camps on alcohol consumption risks and the hope for rehabilitation should be promoted more in the community to bring them out of addiction. In this regard, as a health consultant, it is proposed that FQHC should take the initiative and readiness on the community awareness programs.

As the local community centers have the inability of establishing the Paramedical clinic for the drug rehabilitation due to the lack of know how and the lack of support staff and the lack of financial supplies. And it is identified that community needs technical and financial cooperation of FQHC to bring the functional program of alcoholic rehabilitation to the community, it is proposed that FQHC should invest initially in establishing the centers, where in it can draw funds gradually.

And FQHC should validate the local community centers about their Stand of Capability to carry on the proposed program, conducting the free campaign for the general check up in the rural areas, conducting campaigns regarding the awareness. Through this FQHC can encourage the community initiative to bring the vulnerable drug addicts out of the addiction, by giving them a hope in life. As the local community centers exercise good established connections and rapo with the public, media and facilities they can employ to the best output of the program.

The local communities can conduct training and awareness programs and can monitor the medical camps and the clinic and can report the FQHC on the program progress from time to time. Owing to the fact that FQHC, several health programs funded under the Health Center Consolidation Act, we request you to give the opportunity to serve the community by joining hands with you.

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