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Memorandum Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Memorandum for new model to FQHC Service Plan

It is to propose a new service channel to the existing service model of FQHC which is currently doing community development activities in the nation. Recently we found that the local community does not have any drug rehabilitation center even though most of the men and women wanted to change their lifestyle. The alcohol consumption rate in adults is very high and is affecting the family lives and the development of the children. The income earning rate has reduced drastically during the past 3 years and work place absenteeism has increased. Family conflicts have increased and child crime levels are also showing up due to the lack of family discipline and reduced family income levels. The adult crime rate and…

Civil Litigation

1.) Prepare an outline of the issues in handling a case with so many plaintiffs and potential witnesses. Ethical issues of conflict of interest can become a concern as many new clients come into the firm Organization could be an issue with so many clients Keeping track of all of the clients and witnesses appointments and/or meetings Making sure that the correct information and witnesses are kept with the correct client’s case file Keeping track of the billing for each of the clients Keeping track of the time spent with each client and witness. (Goldman, Thomas F.; Hughes, Alice Hart (2012) Page 45) 2.) Prepare a memo explaining how a case management program might be used to organize the case….

Tech Writing

As you may have recently heard, lately we received news from the corporate headquarters that it would be in the best interest of the entire company to pay more attention to matters of preventing accidents and any other safety-related measures that affect the workplace, including both office and field activities related to all types of jobs that we complete. Every single employee in each office at every branch needs to be mindful in this regard so that he/she is most efficient and effective in the daily performance of his/her everyday tasks that relate to their job responsibilities so that safety is always of paramount concern. With this goal of safety ever present in our minds, I believe the bottom line…

The Company Man

Ellen Goodman’s satirical essay The Company Man, analyzes the life of a man named Phil, “a workaholic”, a “perfect type A” that had almost literally “worked himself to death”, working everyday for hours, until one Saturday at 3:00 a.m., Phil dies quite ironically, on his only day off of the week. Goodman depicts Phil’s life as a typical “Company Man”, an industrialist that had worked too hard for nothing, revealing callous feelings toward Phil by using repetition and a business-like wording to create a neutral tone. Constant repetition is on how Phil always overworked himself, how he was “overweight and nervous”. This not only emphasized the dullness of Phil’s life, but reflected on the reality of the day-to-day routine Phil…