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Memoirs Essay Topics & Paper Examples

How to Write an Auto Biography

An old saying goes that “everyone has a story inside of them that wants to get out and be shared with others. ” It’s also said that “truth is stranger than fiction,” an adage that continues to prove itself time and again whenever people decide to write about the events, experiences and individuals that have helped to shape their lives and influence the decisions they have made to be heroes, cowards or just plain colorful. If you feel that your own life would make scintillating reading, here’s what you need to know to get started. 1. Identify the true purpose of penning your memoirs for others to read. For many people, it’s simply a legacy they want to leave their children…

Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

Many stories have been written about people surviving wars. A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier written by Ishmael Beah stands out from many literary pieces, simply because he narrates his own harrowing experiences in vivid detail without affectation. The book is an engrossing account of his own personal experiences of the rigors and challenges of war in West Africa. What makes the story quite moving is the fact that it clearly narrated in descriptive detail the impact of the war on child-soldiers like himself – including how the viciousness of war transformed him and changed his life forever, and how he somehow managed to redeem himself in the end. Book Review of A Long Way Gone: Memoirs…