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Memo Spiderman Essay

For this assignment I have chosen Spiderman. In the last movie of the trilogy, Spiderman turns into the Dark-Spidey by a symbiote that enters into his body and changes him. When the symbiote attacks Peter Parker he at first feels more powerful. He turns black and acts without judgment. People still see him as Spiderman, so his new personality runs his body and runs the town he is supposed to be helping. Mary Jane and others start to notice the changes in him and alienate themselves from him. Eventually he returns back to regular Peter Parker and Spiderman.

Normally Spiderman’s actions would just seem like a hiccup in his judgment. However, using the psychodynamic theory to analyze his actions, there would be a better explanation for his changes. Using the concepts of Id, Ego, and Superego, the levels of Spiderman can be explained.

Spiderman helps everyone in the city and with good intentions. He follows the rules, but still acts as a superhero. Spiderman in this case would be the Superego of Peter Parker. In the psychodynamic theory, a superego purpose is to uphold the moral rules of the social world. However, when he changes into the Dark-Spidey he lets out his Id. He acts out. Dark-Spidey wants to run the city for his own pleasure and does not think of others. In a Freudian perspective, the Id is a pleasure seeker. Peter Parker does not act out by any means. He works as a regular reporter for the Daily Bugle. Parker would be the Ego, by acting in accordance to the constraints of his life but still balancing his Id and his Superego.

Although this example is completely fictional, this portion of Freud’s theory applies very well and makes sense. Most people will eventual let out their Id out, because they go for what they want when they want it. The theory cannot be tested, but fluxes in people show that the Id, Ego, and Superego do exist to some extent.

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