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Mediterranean Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Mediterranean island

This document looks at the present day state of Cyprus, the largest of the Mediterranean island after Sicily and Sardinia, with its split into two communities, each at odds with the other. The history of the island and in particular of this relatively modern occurrence are considered from various points of view including that of outsiders such as the United States of America, the United Nations, the wider European community, in particular the members of the European economic community as well as the individual countries of Greece and Turkey. Introduction Project Rationale Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean inhabited in the main by two ethnic groups; Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, although there are a small number of others…

Setting and hardening of hydraulic cements

In August 2004, Adriatic IV was on location over the Temsah gas production platform, off Port Said, Egypt in the Mediterranean. During the drilling of natural gas well by rig, a gas blowout occurred during the drilling operation. Due to this blowout, the whole Petrobel platform was burnet out. This platform was owned jointly by BP, Italy’s ENI and Egypt’s General Petroleum Corporation was damaged beyond repair and Egypt’s petroleum minister ordered its destruction. An engineering firm Tacon designed the platform. Tecon developed the basic structural design along with offshore structure SASP, of the platform jacket for Petrobel Egypt. Tecon was responsible to perform the foundation design and all naval and installation analysis. Tacon also developed all A. F. C….