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Medicine and Skilled Care Pharmacy Essay

I. Statement of the problem

How can Skilled Care Pharmacy improve their strategy from the rapidly evolving financial structure of health care, constant evolution of medical practice, employee retention and shortage of licensed pharmacy personnel?

II. Objectives

* To retain employees.
* To identify ways to keep up with the constant evolution of medical practice.
* To address the shortage of pharmacist personnel in the company.

III. SWOT analysis

IV. Alternative Courses of Action

1. Skilled Care Pharmacy could provide incentives and enhance benefits for employees to be able to achieve employee retention. 2. Skilled Care Pharmacy could widen their search for pharmacist personnel from different countries. 3. Skilled Care Pharmacy could provide seminars and trainings to keep up with new medical techniques and practices.

Advantages for each of the Alternative Courses of Action 1. Skilled Care Pharmacy would be able to retain much of their employees and prevent employee turnover. 2. Skilled Care Pharmacy would be able to address the shortage of pharmaceutical personnel within the organization. 3. Skilled Care Pharmacy would be guaranteed of their employee’s capabilities and skills with regards to the ever changing medical practice. Disadvantages for each of the Alternative Courses of Action

1. Additional costs would be incurred for enhanced benefits or additional incentives given to regular employees. 2. Other pharmacists hired from overseas may not be as competitive with the usual pharmacists. 3. Additional cost would be acquired because of additional trainings and seminars for the company.

V. Recommendation

Follow all alternative courses of action to be able to keep up with certain changes in the company.

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