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Medical Billing and Coding Essay

Today the cause and effect of medical billing and coding is that they share a relationship because they each share something similar in a way. They are both understood when they are spoke about. But as you know billing and coding are and can be combined together as well. But what I would like my reader to know is my goals and achievements to become a medical billing and coding specialists as well the understanding of medical billing and coding and what is has to offer if you wanted to take up this major or was looking to get a job in this field of work. And because of the cause and effect of billing relationship medical billing and medical coding share is good for coding to have basic knowledge of the billing process and for a specialist to have a basic knowledge of the coding process.

What is medical billing and coding? Medical billing and coding specialists is healthcare professional responsible for processing patient data between physician’s such as treatment records and related insurance information as well as third party payers. Without them, healthcare businesses could not function efficiently. Its also the process of submitting and followed up on claims to insurance companies in order to receive payment for the service. Medical billing and coding professionals hold pivot roles in hospitals; doctor’s offices; physician’s practices and specialty medical practices.

Medical billing and coding is a robust career field that is open to anyone with a high school diploma or equivalent GED certificate. I believe my goals for becoming a medical coding and billing specialists I am going to continue working to achieve my A.A. Degree as well as continue into taking some medical courses such as medical terminology, Coding Courses like Part 2 intermediate coding exercises ICD-9-CM coding Instructions. Sequence the ICD-9-CM principal diagnosis in the first diagnosis position. Assigning all reportable secondary diagnosis including V codes and E codes (both cause of injury and place of occurrence) also some Software courses as well as¬†business classes. In order for me to achieve to become a medical billing and coding specialists I’m going to have to work hard and stay positive and not be a procrastinator.

Achieving to become a medical billing and coding specialists to me will be somewhat challenging considering that having a full time job that requires a certain amount of hours a week, so that means you have to take courses around that schedule. That means I’m going to have to work harder to achieve my goals and achievements to become a medical billing and coding specialists. But you know what? I’m going to overcome every obstacle that comes in front of me to achieve my goals to become a medical billing and coding specialists. I’m going to accomplish every step and every achievement that needs to be done in order for me to become a medical billing and coding specialist. As a child growing up, I have seen aunts; uncles and cousins pursue a career in the medical field. So as I get older I wanted a career in the medical field too. My first step would be to talk with an adviser and see what my options would be in order to start

course for medical billing and coding and my second step would be to start out with classes that I know need to be done first in order to get myself in the door in a place were I can start and career and finish out the rest of the courses in the meantime as needed for company policy and also make an effort to better my self for a good career and get on the right path . My final step would be to get a certificate so I can work in an office setting and help patients with a different varieties of payment options that better suits them and there needs and as I am done with all courses I can look back and say I am a very good achiever and be proud of myself for achieving my goals. In Conclusion through this essay I gave an idea on what medical billing and coding specialist are and what they do as well as some information about myself as I am also wanting to achieve and give my self goals to become a medical billing and coding specialists.

I plan on becoming a medical billing and coding specialists here in the near future so I can tell my self I have a career and that I am on the right path. It is a very good career to overcome. Its always nice to help patients and make them feel good that they walked away knowing that the specialist who helped them find the right payment option for them that fits there needs. Helping anyone has always been one of my goals I love helping people and knowing that is always a good thing to do. Knowing to have a good career always gives me hope and happiness. Through dedication, hard work and goals and achievements as well as accomplishment I will become a medical billing and coding specialist in no time.

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