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Medical Billing and Coding Essay

Medical Billing and Coding (current student) 2013 Medical Administrative Assistant Diploma (GPA 3.34) 2012 Includes: Disease Processes, Surgical Procedures, Life Cycle of an Insurance Claim, Health Care Settings, Health Care Payers, Procedure and Diagnosis Coding from Medical Records, Reimbursement Systems, Facility Billing, Word Processing and Medical Practice Management Systems.

* Promoted a welcoming and safe learning environment for children, helping to develop a well-rounded and respected educational organization.
* Assisted the school director in playing a key role in developing a diverse and enlightening curriculum in strict accordance with state mandates.
* Communicated effectively with children, peers, parents and directors to ensure smooth operations and eliminate potential issues before they could negatively impact the school.

Express Personnel – Jamestown, NY2001 – 2002
Bush Industries – Jamestown, NY2001 – 2001
* Duties included: Packing, stocking and accurately completing labor tickets.
* Load materials and products into package processing equipment tools.
* Record product, packaging, and order information on specified forms and records.
* Performed any combination of light cleaning duties to maintain the establishment.
* Inspected for defects and recorded items packed.

Essay Topics:

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