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Medicaid Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Effects of Federal Mandates on Intergovernmental Relations

Public Policy making is a central task of the Government. There has been concerns regarding the influence federal mandate on intergovernmental relations. In order to understand and evaluate these influences we will discuss the influence of the intergovernmental lobby over the Medicaid program. We will also analyze the importance of interest alignment between the federal and states Governments and auditing transparency in order to ensure smooth working of these public programs. Medicaid is the health insurance program that is administered by the states and funded jointly by federal and state governments (Weissert 1992). The Medicaid has an important place in the history of medical treatment in the U. S. An organisation noble in conception has two dimensions to put up…

The Medicaid Preservation Act

A legislative proposal that if passed by both the House and the Senate and approved by the President becomes law. There are several steps involved for a bill to become act. First the legislation is introduced in house then referred to committee and members from a conference will sort out and will be sent to president. On signing of the bill by president it becomes law (Government, 2008). This is the process of enactment of an act. The present paper is discussing about the Medicaid Preservation Act of 2005 bill. The purpose of the Medicaid Preservation Act of 2005 bill is to restrain Federal funding under the Mediciaid program until the recommendations of a bipartisan commission on Mediciaid is implemented….

Medicaid Essay

As I understood Medicaid are those personal cares services which are fundamental, non-acute services provided to facilitate recipients who require assistance with the activities of daily living to remain in their home or community, maintain their current health status and prevent, delay, or minimize deterioration of their condition. Personal care services are intended to supplement care provided by a recipient’s family or primary caregiver, not replace it. Services may be provided in the home or in setting outside the home, when necessary. The government took an active role in the economy during the 1960’s and 1970’s. In order to stimulate the economy, they ran annual budgets in a conscious attempt to spend more than they collected in revenue. Spending, inflation,…