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Mechanism Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Meaning, Mechanism, And Evidence Of Bergman’s Rule

The publication of Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species” was the turning point for nascent evolution theorists. Basically, he stated that organisms evolved into genotype or specie that breeds progenies which possess attributes of fitness, survivability, and adaptation to their environment over that of another of a related specie. This results to new generations becoming better adapted to their environment and more likely to survive than those that are less adapted, and this difference is not due to chance (Rittner and MacCabe, 2004, p. 241). Christian Bergmann, A contemporary of Darwin published a paper which embodied his Bergmann’s rule that correlates latitude with body mass in animals. Broadly it asserts that within a species the body mass increases with latitude and…

Mechanism of Echolocation in Bats

Several animals and birds like owls and bats use echolocation to detect their prey and hunt them. However, these animals and birds use different strategies to detect the location of their prey. Owls use the mechanism of passive listening to find the location of their prey where as the bats use active biosonar system for echolocation. This paper will explain the mechanism of echolocation that is used by bats to locate their prey. Biosonar System in Echolocation Bats Over 900 species of bats exist and majority of them use active biosonar system to detect their prey through echolocation (Braun, 2001). A high frequency sound is emitted by these bats through their vocal apparatus. These pulses and sounds emitted by the…