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Mechanic Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Managing a design project

Imagine you are managing a design project that will create an interface for automobile mechanics. The interface would be used by the mechanics to look up various fixes and parts for any number of makes or models of automobiles that may come through their garage. Decide what usability measures would be most motivating when designing this interface and describe the unique challenges you would have to plan for when designing an interface for an automotive repair shop. Use supporting evidence to support your response. First step for any design project would be to gather the requirements. As developer and project managers would not know what the end user needs and what their technical skills are, it would be essential to…

Single Pulley

Aim: For this assignment I intend to investigate about pulley. The main aim of my project is to investigate pulley. I will start off with a few lines about what the pulley is and what is used for; Pulley is used to lift objects. A pulley consists of a grooved wheel and a rope threaded around the disk. The disk of the pulley rotates as the rope moves over it. Pulleys are used for lifting by attaching one end of the rope to the objects, threading the rope through the pulley and pulling on the other end of the rope. A single pulley reverses the direction of a force. When two or more pulleys are connected together, they permit a…