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Mecca Essay Topics & Paper Examples

DBQ-Mansa Musa

A king’s journey always has effects. Mansa Musa’s pilgrimage to Mecca effected both the economics and political views in Africa. For good and for bad, Musa intended to make the pilgrimage for him. Even though Mansa Musa thought he was making the journey for himself and his religion, it was more widely viewed as a celebration and praise for him and his kingdom through his generosity. The economic effects from the journey were mostly good, with the rare turn for the worse. According to Mansa Musa’s Hajj by the Numbers (1), the chart provides insight on the things accompanying Musa and an idea of how the journey looked. Most of the gold brought on the journey was used as gifts…

Human Progress is Indeed Slow

In the world today, people like to believe that they have evolved into societies of equality, justice, and fairness. Yet around the world there are many ‘modern’ societies that still treat women as second-class citizens. This is clearly evident in the novel Princess, the story of women in Saudi Arabia, introduced through the life of a Saudi Arabian Princess. Jean Sasson was asked by Princess Sultana to use her life to exhibit to the Western World how primitive customs still determine women’s roles in the Saudi society. In Princess, Sasson argues that lack of change in Saudi Arabian society is the cause of men’s mistreatment of women through her repetition and severe imagery. Throughout the novel, Sasson continually uses multiple…