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Measurement Guidelines Essay

Management guidelines must be developed to create a benchmark of expectations. “Without measuring the effectiveness of strategy on a timely basis, makes it not only difficult to determine alignment, management is always working with lagging information” (The Executive Corner, 2004). Each step of the final solution will be measured to meet the businesses needs. The human resources department will define three main competencies of each department within sixty days. In order to ensure effectiveness, the competencies will have to be approved and agreed on by the CEO and senior management. Once this phase is completed, the human resources department will commit to training managers on employee behaviors.

To ensure training is successful, the managers are tested to assess material understanding. It is estimated that in a maximum of 90 days, Riordan should achieve a predetermined number company goals by their employees. Long-term effectiveness is measured by an employee surveys. A recommendation for an additional survey between 6-12 months for employees to complete will go out. This survey will look for feedback on new processes and the current development and training strategies. The employee turnover rate should be less than industry standards to achieve success. A last of measure of success will be tied to Riordan’s performance output.


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