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MBA course Essay

Pursuing an MBA course is a critical step in my career. I had committed a significant amount of time and energy finishing my undergraduate studies in communication. This had been my first step in reaching my goals. I see myself involved in the field of broadcasting; in fact I spent 5 months as an intern in an international broadcasting station. I am young, optimistic, highly motivated and I enjoy learning new things both academically and in my personal life. Education plays a big role in what I want to accomplish.

My training at the Hawai’i Pacific University was able to prepare me for future endeavors. I believe that getting good education puts you ahead; but getting the best education will push you further. The time I spent as an intern pushed me to my limits. Real life problems are definitely different and more challenging compared to text-book scenarios. My desire to pursue my graduate studies is stronger now; I had a glimpse of a possible future, a career path that I am likely to take.

This is why I had made the decision to enter an MBA course; I believe this will give me a much needed edge in training, exposure, and values/character building for achieving my goals. The exposure will prepare me for the global market. I want to eventually end up working in an international environment where growth is both dynamic and challenging. I need a business perspective to what I want to achieve. My ultimate goal is to become a producer in the broadcasting industry. I see things from an artistic perspective; this has always been my strong point.

As mush as I enjoy working and utilizing my artistic skills, as an intern, I realized that what I know is still not enough. I had to understand the business side if I wanted to be successful. Learning the essential business skills suddenly became a priority for me. If I wanted to take part of this developing international environment; I had to be ready. As an international student from Asia, things are a lot more challenging for me. There are cultural differences and hurdles that I was able to overcome.

I never allowed them to stop me from achieving my goals. I believe I was able to merge what I know from a cultural perspective and enrich my knowledge at the same time. I have a longing to expand my capabilities even further and with this desire I feel that I can accomplish anything. If admitted to the program, I will make sure that I bring with me my enthusiasm, dedication, and optimism. I will continue the commitment I had when I was still an undergraduate student. I’m taking my dreams with me and I’m making it a reality.

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