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Maturity Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Age and Maturity

The very idea of maturity has endured lengths and varieties if interpretations in both the literatures of psychology and education. Primary theories of personality as well as the development of the child suggest that one of the main aims of the socialization process is maturity. The school, being one of the learning institutions in the society, is one of the agents that advance this aim. However, one question is worth considering: do student’s views of homework change with age and maturity? Elizabeth Meyers Hyde (1976) argues that maturity repetitively comes-up as a related element in having an understanding of the behavior of children (Hyde, 1976, p. 142)—especially when it comes to homework. Her research emphasizes the idea that the word…

Conflicts Stimulate Maturity

Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless Me, Ultima is the first in a trilogy relating the trials and tribulations encountered as an adolescent in New Mexico. Many consider it to be “classic” Chicano fiction in that it portrays New Mexican traditions and lifestyles the average reader had most likely never encountered while transcending a mere portrait of the southwest by representing Antonio’s rites of passage into maturity in a manner to which nearly anyone can relate (University of New Mexico). The reader follows along as Antonio moves from childish innocence to newfound maturity through a series of crises and conflicts. They begin with Ultima’s arrival and end with her death, stimulating Antonio’s spiritual search and moving him closer to adulthood. Along the way,…