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Math Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Elementary Math: Data Analysis

Based on their belief that children in grades 3-5 possess the ability to make conjectures and have intuitions about probability and chance, Edwards and Hensien (2000) undertook three probability experiments with children. Their research aim was to determine whether mathematical concepts come to light naturally through students’ guesses or hunches about chance and probability; their lesson aims were for students to form an idea of “equally likely events’, assign a theoretical probability to events, and relate the theoretical probability of an event to the observed relative frequency of that event during the experiment” (p.525). Twenty four fifth grade students were selected as subjects for the experiments, and were divided into 6 equal groups of 4, with each group working on…

Elementary Math Methods

The aim of this practice is to help students understand place value concepts such as ones, tens, hundreds and grouping. In the activity, students are encouraged to record school days using straws. They add up the straws every day until they total to ten so as to transfer the bundle to a tens pocket. Depending on the grade level, they can go further to group the tens bundles to make a pocket of one hundred straws. In addition, students are told to note down the right integers to represent the number of bundles and number of single straws (Kawas, 2010a). Place Value Race http://www. theteachersguide. com/Mathactivities3. html This practice engages students in some sort of competition aimed at assisting them…