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Massengill’s Department Store Essay

1. The utilitarian approach seems to best describe Marv Heimlers turnaround strategy at Massengills. I think so because his decisions would result in the majority of employees keeping their jobs although a smaller amount would be laid off. This shows he is doing what’s best for the company and still seeks the interest of the greater number of people. To him, if he had not made the decisions he made, everyone would be out of a job. a) Individual approach was not applied

b) Moral approach was not applied: employees weren’t given reasons why they were being terminated and the way in which termination process was done was very harsh and inconsiderate. c) Justice approach was not applied, employees weren’t treated fair and equal. Example people with long years of services were treated the same as new workers .

2. I would place Heimler at the post conventional level of moral development because he implemented his plan for change knowing that there would be persons with different views. He justified his actions by his personal beliefs and put the future of the company first. His actions showed that he was firm in his decisions, looked at the greater good of the company as a whole and and sets his own principles.

3. To avoid the problems he was facing, Marv Heimler could have met with employees and informed them about the state of the company and that layoffs were inevitable. This would have given the employees sufficient notice to seek out other jobs.

If I were in his position after the company started doing well again I would give some kind of financial compensations to employees that were laid off. Also, if there are positions available in the company I would train and rehire them as they were loyal employees to the company throughout the years. New employees coming into the company should get some kind of training before being fully employed.

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