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Mask Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Make a Mocha ‘Mud’ Mask

Decadent chocolate, rich espresso and creamy milk; delicately blended to create the most delicious skin imaginable. Yes, skin. These three simple ingredients found in most homes across America, all coffee shops, and more salons than one might think, can work wonders on the face (not to mention other body parts), without causing harm to the pocketbook or the planet. Women around the world have spent incomprehensible amounts of money on miracle creams, scrubs, masks, and peels chuck- full of chemicals and made through less-than environmentally friendly production practices. Why not cut out the middle man; not to mention a little from one’s own middle. Turn those mocha-drink ingredients into a soothing, cleansing, exfoliating, fine-line diminishing, cellulite-reducing, rejuvenating wonder-mask! Let the…