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Maryland Essay Topics & Paper Examples

A Comparison between New England Colony and Chesapeake Bay Colony

In 1607 the first British colony was founded in North America and settled in Maryland and Virginia. This colony, known as the Chesapeake Bay colony, was colonized and settled by the English men of Anglican Church beliefs. Later in 1630 a wave of English men, women and children settled in the areas of Main, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island , Connecticut and Vermont who were all believers of Puritanism. This colony was named the New England colony. In spite of both colonies being settled by men, women and children of English ancestry by the 1700’s both regions evolved into two very distinct societies. The Chesapeake Bay Region was a far cry from the New England Colony. Chesapeake Bay was founded…

What Led to the Civil War

During the 1800’s, slavery in America became a bigger and bigger issue and discussion. The North opposed slavery and thought everything about it was wrong. Whereas the South felt slavery was an essential part of their lives, and that without it they would not survive. In April of 1861, during the first month of the Civil War Alfred M. Green delivered a speech to his fellow African Americans to join the Union forces of the North. Green uses allusions in his speech to help persuade his fellow African Americans to join the Union forces. Green felt that if anyone should be fighting in a war for freedom from slavery, it should be African Americans. He states, “My country, right or…