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Mars Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Life in Mars

For centuries people have speculated about the possibility of life on Mars owing to the planet’s proximity and similarity to Earth. Serious searches for evidence of life began in the 19th century, and continue via telescopic investigations and landed missions. While early work focused on phenomenology and bordered on fantasy, modern scientific inquiry has emphasized the search for chemical biosignatures of life in the soil and rocks at the planet’s surface, and the search for biomarker gases in the atmosphere. Fictional Martians have been a recurring feature of popular entertainment of the 20th and 21st centuries, and it remains an open question whether life currently exists on Mars, or has existed there in the past. Early speculation Mars’ polar ice…

Persuasion Mars

It is not worth the expense and risk to make a manned flight to Mars A human mission to visit and land on the planet Mars has long been an attractive subject and a debatable issue. In terms of expense, risk, worth, and morality, proponents and opponents of whether it is necessary to send manned missions to Mars never come to a compromise. Even though proponents has brought up many excuses seemed reasonable to support the Mars mission, here are more important reasons concerned about human’s selfishness, the imperialism, the morality, the expense, and the risk of human life for proponents to think twice. It is not worth the expense and risk to make a manned flight to Mars. It…

Astronomy Story

The day my life would change for ever was April 16th, 2013. This was the day that I left planet earth and embarked on one of the most important missions in NASA’s history. I should probably back up though, and explain to you how this came about. April 16th was sunny with only a few clouds in the sky, the smell of spring was in the air and with the end of second semester right around the corner, the quad was packed with people eager to catch some much desired sun rays. Unfortunately for me though I was stuck in astronomy. That day’s topic was our very own planet earth. Dr. Bozyan was lecturing about how planet Earth was actually…