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Marriages are made in heaven Essay

“Marriages are made in heaven”, so it is said, but they are solemnized here on earth. This is a great occasion that comes in our only once and therefore, calls for a celebration anywhere in the world. In our country this is a very solemn occasion, accompanied with numerous customs associated with it, making it all more exciting and memorable. It a wonderful mixture of traditions blended with modernity that is even admired by foreigners.

Last month my best friend Alex, who lived in my neighborhood got married to her fiancee, a software engineer in the United States. I being her best friend was assigned the responsibility of looking after the bride and chaperoning her at her wedding. On the appointed day since morning there was hectic activities beginning from the Haldi ceremony, vermillion was applied on her followed by ladies sangeet. Then I applied mehendi on her hands. By the time this was over, it was already lunch time.

Immediately after lunch, we had to go to the market to collect her bridal wear that had been given for some last minute alterations. Thereafter we went to the bridal beauty parlour, where we spent some time. By the time they were finished, it was difficult to recognize Alex, and for so striking was her beauty, that even tinsel heroines would have had a complex. It was now getting late; we rushed home to find our family members anxiously waiting for us.

The barat was on its way and we could hear the drum beats. We all rushed outside to see the barat as it approached the gate. The bridegroom was astride on a horse bedecked with flowers. His tall figure with a golden sehra on his head, made him look like a proverbial prince. There was the ‘Dwar Puja’ at the gate followed by religious ceremonies performed by the pundit. Thereafter the groom was escorted to the dais…

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