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Marriage Life & Single Life Essay

We try to make society relationships to find a new happiness ways. One of these relationships is marriage. While there are a few similarities between marriage life and single life, the differences between them are much greater. Single life is full of activities which is similar to others in marriage life. For example, making and spending money, having friends, loving somebody, doing sports, living in your own house, having a job, studying in a collage …. etc. The first difference between married life and single life is that the married people more careful in making decisions than the unmarried ones.

In single life, people may do serious activities because they are usually less responsible, more independent and there is more freedom in making decisions. The second difference is dependency. You may notice that most married couples prefer to have their own houses more than single people which may still in their family’s house for long time. However, there are more beautiful things to do if you are married. While in marriage life you can have babies (if Allah allows), in single life you actually can’t. Married couples will find someone to share their problems with unlike single.

The major difference between them is how to spend time and money. In single life, it is a quite a bit lonely to do your every day actions and to spend your money. In the other hand, most married couples sharing everything with their families. They often work harder to save money . For example, they spend less money in shopping and eating outside. As we see, marriage life is harder, more interesting and more responsible than single life. In the contrast, single life is easier and less noisy than marriage life. But, we always can have a successful life as single as married.

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