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Marketing Segmentation for Nescafe Essay

4.1 Market Segmentation
NESCAFE’s customer’s bases are comprised of following target groups.

•Local residents
•Local business people
•Travelers passing through

These groups are potentially strong customer segments. The benefit of this customer segmentation is that it helps to maintain consistentency in business throughout the year. The customer segments provide a consistent foundation of all years long. Also by appealing several market segments, NESCAFE does not become overly dependent on any single consumer group.

4.2 Target Market Segments strategy
Overall, our strategy is to maintain a constantly high customer count by leveraging our appeal to groups of customers.

Local residents
Approximately 200,000 people live within our NESCAFE location. The most affluent of these live even closer, within three miles. Excellent Parking is available for our customers, local customers from the loyal core of our business.

Local Business
Much of the employee parking is out of the immediate area with shuttle service to downtown, most people stay near their place of employment during breakfast, lunch and after work relaxing. A significant number of these local business people find coffeeholics an inviting and convenient destination.

In Hyderabad there are many universities as well as dozen of school, and colleges including many private centers. So students love to come at NESCAFEto enjoy with their friends in clean environment with best cup of coffee or cold coffee and their favorite snacks.

Travelers passing through
The travelers passing through Hyderabad they will tired in journey or get tired after journey they can easily relax in the environment of NESCAFEand enjoy their coffee or tea or have some snacks.

4.4 Competitive advantage
Our competitive, compared to other coffee shop in Hyderabad includes: The significantly higher quality, better tasting products. The only coffee café which provide best products in reasonable price.

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