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Market Segmentation: For Café de Coral Essay

Demographic segmentation – Income -Cafe de Coral has segmented the customers by income. It primarily targets at the middle income group (Monthly income around HK$10,000 and HK$30,000) rather than low-income group1. The reason for choosing this segment is the middle-income group has better purchasing power and requires products with quality. But for low-income group, as they lack purchasing power, and thus, it is not cost-effective for Cafe de Coral to target and provide them with quality at low price. 2. Psychographic Segmentation

-In Hong Kong, it is a city renowned for hustle and bustle of life. Many people always perceive that “Time is money”, especially for those employees who only have an hour to have their lunch outside. For Cafe de Coral, it targets the people who moderately treasure and value time. It provides the quick services, such as quick counter selling and self-served food-taking, to customers and tries to ‘create’ time for them. 3. Demographic Segmentation – Age -Hong Kong is a special place that has a blend of eastern and western cultures.

This feature can also be shown in all sorts of restaurants, ranging from traditional Chinese restaurants to modern western fast food shops. Although there are various choices of cuisines from different restaurants, various age groups usually have different preferences. For Cafe de Coral, it primarily targets the teenagers and youngsters (aged 14-25), as well as the elderly (aged 51 or above). For the youngsters and teens, they usually prefer the western cuisines, and nowadays, they are also fond of Japanese and Korean cuisines.

But for the elderly, they more prefer traditional Chinese cuisines. In view of this phenomenon, Cafe de Coral provides traditional dim sum, like congee and rice rolls, during the morning session to target the elderly, while it promotes a wide variety of western, Japanese and Korean cuisines from time to time. 1) Busines-Level Strategy. Anti Essays. Retrieved November 24, 2012, from the World Wide Web: http://www. antiessays. com/free-essays/81831. html

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