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Marine General Brute Krulak Essay

In writing the book First in Fight, the legendry Marine General Brute Krulak has submitted an unparalleled assessment of the US Marines. The book gives details of the fighting on the battlefield as also a detail of the Marine’s life when not at war. He has skillfully blended autobiography with history, analysis with action and separated facts from legend. General Krulak has touched upon the core qualities of the Corps in narrating the implications of being a Marine and the reasons for its outstanding and consistent performance.

The general has also addressed the most pertinent and challenging issues regarding the Corps. A thorough analysis has been made about how the Corps manages to survive and to prosper despite the awesome political hurdles and the adversities it has to face in a routine manner. In explaining the unique characteristics of the Corps, General Krulak has delved into the core structure on which it has been built. What emerges is a system that is intensely loyal to God, the country and to other colleagues.

A close look has been taken at the war practices of the Marines whereby stimulating details of their actions and experiences have been outlined in regard to World War II and the wars in Vietnam and Korea. Additionally, he has also described the relationship that the Corps enjoys with other services by giving special reference to the battles of unification that were fought in the aftermath of World War II. New insights have been offered in regard to the processes of decision making during times of emergency.

First in Fight is a book that makes for appealing reading. It covers details of General Krulack’s personal experiences while he was engaged in the battle for the union of the armed forces. The book also explains very effectively how the entire chain of command of the US Military is set up and managed (Victor H. Krulak, 1999).


Victor H. Krulak, First to Fight: An Inside View of the U. S. Marine Corps, 1999, US Naval Institute Press

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